Friday, November 13, 2009

Whose kid is this anyway?

So I was downloading some pictures from our camera to the computer when I came across this little girl in Audrey's pj's. It's Audrey, but it looks NOTHING like her. What do you think?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween, Music Class and Fall Festival

I wish I could say I have Halloween pictures, but alas, some pint-sized little girl was not having any of it! She did not want to be in the costume, sit still for pictures or be sweet at all! We ended up putting Audrey in her wagon with a big bowl of candy and met the other trick-or-treaters and gave them candy on the road. It actually turned out to be alot of fun for Audrey and everyone we came across loved it! Even though she started having fun once we were outside, she wouldn't be still enough to get a picture. We came home and left the light on for another hour so we got a lot of repeat kids, but who cares! We had a lot of candy left over. Next year I am only buying 2 bags of candy.

Before Halloween we went to 2 parties. One was with our Mommy and Me music class and the other was our churches Fall Festival. I was able to get some pictures of those events!

was a little worried that this look was going to be the definition of our attitude for the whole event!

Yeah... one happy little girl!

I'm pretty sure that Audrey was thinking this: "I just want you to know little baby that I can squash you like a bug! But I won't b/c I will get in BIG trouble. So I will stare you into submission instead!".

playing with the leaves....after I stopped her from taking them from the other children. The concept of sharing is hard for a 15 month old to grasp.

dancing to the music. She loves to dance around. She looks super cute while doing it if you ask me.

Following the teachers actions or perhaps showing off. Not sure which one yet.

Fall Festival at our church. There was so much activity that Audrey was way overwhelmed. Thus explains the many meltdowns we had that evening.

Nothing like the cool breeze blowing you hair around.

Fishing with daddy. This was Audrey's favorite game. It was actually one of the more small kid friendly games there AND it just so happens that our ABF class created it! Go Joshua Tree class!

Audrey and Mommy

So there you have it. Lots of activity. I'll post about her 15 month check up soon.