Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So much to be thankful for....

It has dawned on me that I have so much to be thankful for. I always take for granted all God has blessed me with in my life. I have really been working on this the past few weeks and it has really hit home the past day or two. In regards to a previous post, I had to take a glucose test to see if I had developed Gestational Diabetes. The results are in and I have developed this condition. At first I was disappointed and then I became very scared. Partly due to all the research I have read about on all that can go wrong with this type of diabetes. So I started praying because I realized that I was quickly loosing my sanity worrying about all that can go wrong. After I calmed down, I spoke again with my doctor and she assured me we had caught it in time and that if I followed a new eating plan and exercise routine that I should have a relatively low risk remainder of my pregnancy. Yes, I'll be monitored more closely and hey... I get more sonograms out of the deal! I'm sure my insurance company is going to love me! Anyway, I am so thankful that I have a great husband who is willing to change his eating habits ( not that he needs to!) to help me, a great family who is always supportive, wonderful friends who are always there to cheer me on and a great doctor and her equally great staff! I am also thankful of all that God has done for me and all that he has promised me. It won't always be a cake-walk, but he will never leave my side and for this I am most thankful!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tag.... I'm it

So Maddy tagged me with the "What 3 things would you do/learn if you had all the time, money and tools in your hands". Well, here is what I would do:
1). I would learn to swim accurately. I never really took lessons when I was little because I was terrified of the water. So I would really like to learn how to do all the different strokes and be able to practice everyday.
2). I would get back into soccer. I have actually played soccer almost all of my life, but stopped when I moved to Dallas. I just didn't have the time and I know my skills in this sport have greatly decreased.
3). I would get a law degree. I have no desire to practice law, but I have always wanted to obtain the degree and the knowledge that comes with it. If I ever wanted to open my own business, this would come in handy.
So that's what I would do. I tag Sheila, Sara T. and Monkey Toes.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Not as bad as I thought....

So yesterday morning I went in for my 3 hour glucose testing. I thought it was going to be horrible because you have to stop eating anything by 10:00 pm the night before the test and you can't eat anything until after the test is over (which was 11:50 AM for me). For those of you who REALLY know me I get cranky when I get hungry. I can handle being tired, but hungry is a different story all together. My evil twin comes out and I can't control her!!!
I had a rough patch that first hour of waiting, but after that I was okay. I kept busy reading and talking on my cell phone to people. I think the hardest thing for me was the fact that they had to draw all four blood samples from my left arm because my right arm is a super hard stick. So now my left arm is killing me and I have a huge bruise!
Please keep up the prayers that the test comes back negative for gestational diabetes. I know a lot of pregnant women develop this condition and I know it can be managed with diet and exercise, but this would be one more thing stressing me out and my blood pressure is high enough as it is!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Not News, maybe complaints???

Not complaints really, just stuff that is going on in the Audrey front. My blood pressure is a little high so I am really trying to keep an eye on that along with my doctor. I actually feel fine and I don't think I eat that much sodium filled foods, but maybe I do. I went in for my glucose test and they didn't draw my blood in time which gave me a weird result and my doctor wants me to take the 3 hour test to be on the safe side. Not looking forward to that.

I went into a specialty shop Saturday to price out the bedding that we had decided on...HOLY COW!!! Let's just say they wanted way too much $$ so I am now back to the drawing board. We do have a great back up from Pottery Barn Kids that I like if I don't find something better. I have attached a couple of pictures to give you an idea:

I was going to also say that I don't feel Audrey move very much, but she is going crazy now! It's weird, I am in the 6 month and I rarely ever feel her move. Alot of my other friends who are a little ahead of me or a month behind me tell me they can feel their baby all the time. It's hard not to worry something is wrong. Especially when my doctor says that if I still don't feel her move often by the next visit they will run more tests to make sure everything is fine. I am beginning to hate the word tests. Am I being a overly worried pregnant lady?

Moving on. Well, we have finally decided on a crib. I have to be honest in the fact that I really didn't care about the crib as long as it was in a dark finish. My husband on the other hand was really particular. Take a look at Audrey's sleeping digs:

Well, I suppose that is enough to blog about for awhile. I am really tring to get better about this! Hope everyone enjoys the few and far between updates!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blog Funk

So I have been quite the blog slacker lately. I have just been in a weird funk. I don't have much to blog about, in my opinion anyway. I have a lot going on in my head, I just don't blog about it. All is fine on the baby front. My blood pressure is slightly high, but we (doctor and I) are monitoring it. It's only high by 3 numbers. My doctor isn't all that worried and neither am I. I will start walking again and maybe some water aerobics. Hopefully that will bring it down to a more normal level. Other then that things are going okay. We are getting ready to switch out the office to the front room and turn the space currently being used for the office into a nursery for Audrey. The bedding, colors and furniture have been picked out. All we need to do is clear the space, buy the items and we will be in business. I have asked my wonderful husband to have a target completion date by the end of week 36. This way we have some extra time in case something comes up and we (I really mean he) can't finish it in that time. Surprisingly I'm not really worried about the nursery not being completely done by the time Audrey gets here. She really won't care whether or not it is done in time. If she does care, well then my husband and I are in trouble!
Hopefully I will get in the blogging groove soon! Until then!