Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Long time coming!

FINALLY! Yeah! The stand up freezer I have been wanting and waiting for for months is finally here! I'm not joking on the months part either. B and I decided that 1 way we could save money this year was to buy in bulk. So we get a membership to Costco in January and savings here we come! So I bring home the 1st load of food from Costco and the freezer door can barely shut b/c it is so full. Hhhmmmmm, that's a problem. But we muddle through for a few months and discover that we ARE saving money after all. So, now we have a problem, b/c the freezer would get so full that it would sometimes pop open during the day. So now we are wasting money! Ugh!
We decide to buy a freezer, but argued about where to put it. Well in May, the water heater busted and we decided to renovate the closet and place a freezer in there. Yes, I said May-- I told you it has been a long time! The wait is all over (thank goodness) and I am off to Costco......

tearing out the closet and building it back up to accommodate the freezer. I also tried a different color here, but didn't like it.

a different view

coming along and also found a color I liked

wait for it.....


Welcome home Bessie!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Big Girl!

So I decided a few weeks ago to go ahead and retire Audrey's high chair and start having her eat at the table with B & I. It took a little bit, but she has finally gotten used to it. I probably should have made the switch a long time ago, but to be honest, the high chair was just easier. I guess I never really realized how big her high chair was and how much room it took up until it was gone. It's nice having the extra room by the counter. Anyway, as the old saying goes: Out with the old and in with the new!

Bye-Bye high chair!

such sweet memories...

just relaxing.....

Wow! What a big girl eating at the table like mommy and daddy!

this is so much cooler then my high chair!

we even tried our 1st grilled cheese sandwich. It was a hit!



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crying Game

Here lately Audrey has been melting down at the slightest thing. I think the terrible 2's are on the way! It's actually cute to watch. She knows that she just can't fling herself down on the floor because it will hurt. So, she lets out a huge wail, the crocodile tears start to fall and she gingerly lowers herself onto her knees and then slides down to the floor and lays on her belly and cries as if the world is ending. Every once in awhile she will look up to see if I am watching her. If she catches me looking, she cries that much harder. Which makes me laugh that much more. Anyway, here are some pictures I captured for your entertainment.

I'm pretty sure she was crying b/c her ponytails were crooked. I do the best I can with her constant moving around.

I don't want to pose for you and I hate this bow in my hair!


I know, I am the meanest mommy in the world!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa Baby!

We took our picture with Santa last week and I thought it would be fun to take a look at Christmas pictures of the past. Actually, it was my friend Laura's idea, but she's okay with me claiming it as my own!

1st Christmas (2008)

Christmas 2009
I was fortunate that we had some time to spend with Santa one on one before the picture was taken. It helped her not be so afraid. Although I do LOVE the pictures of kids crying while sitting on Santa's lap. They are priceless!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Pajama Time!

So here are some pictures of Audrey in her pajamas. We pretty much stay in them until around 10:00 am on most days. If we didn't go outside so much, she would probably be in them all day! I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but all too often I run errands with her still in her pajamas. I've lost count of all the crazy looks I have gotten from people in the stores.


Look at me!

What a ham! Side note: Audrey and I have the exact same smile!

Monkey pj's!

wow, her hair was short here!

skeleton pj's. and yes, she usually strikes a pose now when I whip out the camera. Again, what a ham!


Last night Audrey must have been channeling her little cousin, because she woke up several times through out night. According to my sister-in-law, so did her daughter. Anyway, my husband got up and got her after she woke up the 3rd time and apparently her diaper was full (which he didn't realize) and when he laid down with her to help her fall asleep she peed right through her diaper and onto him. I hear him say, "Oh, Audrey!" through the monitor and when he came back to bed I asked him what happened and he said... "She peed on me!". I laughed so hard for about 10 minutes. I couldn't stop laughing. He sounded so defeated.
Now, onto today's event.
I am taking our cable box thing back to the store (we got AT&T U-verse) and I smell a distinct poopy Audrey smell. So I take her out of the car and hurriedly return the cable thing. On my way back to the car, I notice my arm feels wet. So I put her down and look at the damage done to the diaper. Holy Crap! Seriously. It was awful. Poop was everywhere on Audrey's lower half of her body. I mean everywhere. So, here I am in a parking lot and it is too cold to change her in the back of the car, so I lower the back seats and shut the doors and change her inside the car. That was my 1st mistake..... shutting the doors. I'm not certain, but I think I passed out when I took off her diaper! Poop smell = death. Anyway, so I get her all cleaned up (took 16 wipes--yes, I counted) and grab her diaper. Here is where the term "add insult to injury: comes to mind: No more diapers! What! That can't be! I turned that diaper bag inside out looking for one. So, here I am, naked baby, cold outside, no diaper. Luckily I had an extra pair of pants in the bag. So, I put the pants on her, grab her coat and put it in the car seat, cover the coat with her portable changing mat and buckle her in and head home. So, I get her home, take her out of the seat and she pees on me. Alot. So, I get her inside and start her bath water (she really needed one) and I think to myself: This can't get any worse. WRONG! She peed on the bathroom floor. Alot. (Note to self: cut back on liquids for Audrey).
So, while she is in the bath, I am mopping the bathroom floor, starting laundry and restocking the diaper bag..... with at least 10 diapers b/c I never want to go through this again!
After I put her down for a nap, I check the car seat. Trust me when I say the poop went everywhere. If my husband can't clean that car seat, I'm pitching it and getting a new one!

I promise, I will try much harder to not laugh at my husband if Audrey pees on him again. He won't admit it, but I know he asked Jesus to teach me a lesson. Anyway, here's to a better evening! Hope everyone enjoyed reading about the event of the day!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Desperately Behind!

To all my faithful followers:
I apologize for my laziness. I have no excuses. Updates and new pictures are coming soon. Hopefully. Please enjoy the new background while you wait for updates on my little family.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Whose kid is this anyway?

So I was downloading some pictures from our camera to the computer when I came across this little girl in Audrey's pj's. It's Audrey, but it looks NOTHING like her. What do you think?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween, Music Class and Fall Festival

I wish I could say I have Halloween pictures, but alas, some pint-sized little girl was not having any of it! She did not want to be in the costume, sit still for pictures or be sweet at all! We ended up putting Audrey in her wagon with a big bowl of candy and met the other trick-or-treaters and gave them candy on the road. It actually turned out to be alot of fun for Audrey and everyone we came across loved it! Even though she started having fun once we were outside, she wouldn't be still enough to get a picture. We came home and left the light on for another hour so we got a lot of repeat kids, but who cares! We had a lot of candy left over. Next year I am only buying 2 bags of candy.

Before Halloween we went to 2 parties. One was with our Mommy and Me music class and the other was our churches Fall Festival. I was able to get some pictures of those events!

was a little worried that this look was going to be the definition of our attitude for the whole event!

Yeah... one happy little girl!

I'm pretty sure that Audrey was thinking this: "I just want you to know little baby that I can squash you like a bug! But I won't b/c I will get in BIG trouble. So I will stare you into submission instead!".

playing with the leaves....after I stopped her from taking them from the other children. The concept of sharing is hard for a 15 month old to grasp.

dancing to the music. She loves to dance around. She looks super cute while doing it if you ask me.

Following the teachers actions or perhaps showing off. Not sure which one yet.

Fall Festival at our church. There was so much activity that Audrey was way overwhelmed. Thus explains the many meltdowns we had that evening.

Nothing like the cool breeze blowing you hair around.

Fishing with daddy. This was Audrey's favorite game. It was actually one of the more small kid friendly games there AND it just so happens that our ABF class created it! Go Joshua Tree class!

Audrey and Mommy

So there you have it. Lots of activity. I'll post about her 15 month check up soon.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Picture Post

Chilling with her milk first thing in the morning!

Goofing around... I know, she needs a haircut!

Finally, a picture that shows Audrey's resemblance (what little there is) to me!

Motion Picture

eating her lunch

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

These are 2 of my favorite things!

So I was vacuuming a couple of weeks ago and all of a sudden I heard the song, "I always feel like somebody's watching me....". I look around for a little stack of money with big eyeballs, and instead I found these two! Way better then a stack of money in my opinion! It was so cute. They had been staring at me for a while. Audrey LOVES the vacuum. B and I will probably get her a Laugh N Learn vacuum for Christmas.
Too cute!

So everywhere that B and Audrey go, he hears this: "Well, there is NO mistaking who her daddy is!". It is so funny. Audrey does look exactly like her daddy!
Look at my sweet family! Who could say no to those faces?......

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Family Pictures

So we finally got our pictures back from when we were in Florida. I am so excited that we did this. It was a lot of fun and we finally have a family portrait! Enjoy the pictures.

The humidity was awful. My perfectly straight hair was destroyed in all of 5 seconds

husband. wife.

how sweet!

too cute!

getting close to nap time


we had to add props to keep Audrey happy.

writing in the sand

Mommy and Audrey

yep... daddy is wrapped TIGHT around her finger

flying Audrey!

We are family!

look at all that water!

all the kids and grandkids

One big happy family!