Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What a Ham!!!

I am one proud mamma! Audrey did great at getting her pictures made today. She made it through about 70 pictures before she decided enough was enough. I had the intention of only getting a couple of poses, but she had some really great poses (she had her game on!), so I got a few more, but stayed within a budget. It also earned me a free cd of the pictures and that is a huge bonus! All in all I am really happy with the pictures. This was the first time we had professional pictures of just Audrey and I was a little nervous about her attitude. She did great though and the pictures prove it! Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Whew! Long time no post! This is a pretty long post so I'll just explain the pictures in groups. These are just some of Audrey eating and hammin it up for the camera. I also included one of her colorings, just for fun!

She always sticks her stickers in a strange place. That
red dot is not food, it's a heart sticker!

A couple of weeks ago we were super excited to watch a 10 week old baby for a girl who goes to our church. We had such fun! Audrey did great with a new baby around. She was super helpful. She is still learning the concept of "gentle", but she had a great time with baby D.

WHOA! Where am I? Why does this girl named Audrey
keep shoving my paci in my mouth?

Audrey showing D how to play with the lights on the floor mat.
He paid great attention as you can see in the background.

That is one wore out little guy!

We also had a friend come over and play while his mom got some dental work done, poor mommy! Anyway, P-man got to come over and play with us and everyone had a great time. Audrey and P-man ate cookies (alot of them), watched TV, fought over Scout the bear, and played in the leaves outside. I didn't get his mom's permission to post him, so there are no pictures of his face.....
What are you doing?
Give me Scout back!
Elmo fixes everything!
What can I do with this?
Perfect fit!
Good times!
Sorry P-man! We only have girly stuff here. He actually showed Audrey how to ride her car. She hasn't been off of it since!