Saturday, March 28, 2009

1st Haircut!

We took Audrey to get her 1 st haircut this weekend. She did really well. I am so glad her hair is not in her eyes anymore. I'm pretty sure Audrey feels the same way. Enjoy the pictures!

Waiting and observing (notice the hair in eyes)

Sitting with daddy (she would never have sat still with me holding her)
How cool is the 2 headed cover-up?!?

Not really sure about the whole process...

Much better!

After she put the smell good gel in her hair

The finale... bow is included. I'm sure Audrey was thinking the bow was over the top, but she tolerated it well. She isn't a fan when I put bows on her, but again, she tolerates it well.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Changes, Changes, Changes

So there have been alot of changes going on around here Changes and some "firsts".
Audrey is 8 months old and ready to start crawling any minute! She is so cute when she gets on her knees and starts crawling. Followed shortly by a nose plant into the floor/bed and crying. It's tough trying to be mobile. She also talks so much. I'm pretty sure she gets that from me. She can talk the whole way to daycare, screech at her friends in daycare and then talk all the way home. I'm not kidding. The teachers at daycare tells me she talks all day and gets louder when the other kids are actually taking their naps. That's my girl!
I went on my first overnight trip away from Audrey. For 2 nights and 3 days I was in a pretty intense training in Chicago. It was fun, but I am not interested in leaving anytime soon. It was hard not seeing the cutest face ever! I'm talking about both Audrey and my husband!
Next, I said goodbye to Vivian. She has driven her last mile as of last Friday night. She was a great car and lots of fun (she was a convertible), but sadly, no more. Instead, we now have the number 1 rated car in safety........ a Taurus. It's actually a nice car. Drives well, very quiet, roomy and well... safe. I cringed every time we put Audrey in the convertible. The new car, not so much.
Tomorrow we get new energy efficient windows. Yeah! Maybe it won't be so hot in the summer months.
I have more, but I must save it for another day.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bargaining QUEEN!!!!!

I must say that I came across the best deal of my entire bargaining life (which is not extensive) Sunday. Some would say (probably most) that this find was just plain luck and I would agree. I rarely do 2nd hand shops b/c I can never find what I like and I can ALMOST ( I stress almost) always find it in a store for super cheap. I'll also be honest that if it is something I really want, I'll suck it up and buy it at full cost--- this rarely happens though. I do sell my stuff at 2nd hand shops though and this is how I found this deal. I took Audrey's clothes to a place called kid 2 kid on Sunday. They called me Monday with an offer of either cash or store credit. Now they are running a special deal this month for 30% store credit.... or something like that (again I don't do this often enough to grasp the full concept). When I was in Sunday, I saw this kitchen play set and thought it would be a good gift for Audrey's 1st birthday. It was in great condition, but was missing the accessories (plates, silverware, pots, food, etc.). I left, but kept thinking about the kitchen play set. When the lady called Monday with my offer, I asked her if the kitchen was still there. It was , so I asked her to hold it for me so that B could go and look at it. I also asked her what the estimated full price of the kitchen was new and she said she thought it went for around $220. I then went on-line and discovered that you can buy the missing accessories, which got me pretty excited. So B and I went to look at it and decided that along with the store credit I had for Audrey's old clothes it was too good to pass up. So to all my pro-bargaining friends... I got this kitchen (see picture below) for a total out of pocket expense of (drum roll please) $47.88! Yes, that's right folks..... a steal in my book and we have Audrey's first b-day present all ready to go with the exception of the accessories, which we will buy closer to her birthday. Can I get a WOO-HOO!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Long Time, No Write

Sorry everyone for the pause in blogging. I have had some things come up that took priority. Audrey is doing good. She had a little cold last week, but got spoiled by the grandparents and is doing much better! I'll post pictures soon and hopefully will blog a little more faithfully.
Until then.........

Monday, March 2, 2009

Thank you Baby Einstein!

I am so grateful for these videos! I had to go and pick Audrey up at the daycare today b/c she has been having some bowel issues (to put it nicely!). She isn't sick or contagious, but since it went on since the middle of last week I had to go and take her to the doctor and get a note to let her go back to school. Sure enough, Dr. G said that her issues were related to her medicine (I told the daycare this!) and Audrey was not contagious at all! Ugh! I DO understand why the daycare asked me to take her to the doctor and I know I shouldn't fuss about it. I just am way behind and was ready to hit the ground running today and the call just deflated me a little. Before you think I am a terrible mother.... I knew the medicine was giving Audrey trouble and I knew she wasn't contagious (I keep in contact with the doc!). Anyway, I take Audrey to the doctor and then back home to try and get some work done from home (gotta love the ability to work from home!) She wasn't really happy with not being entertained by me. So what do you do? Pop in an educational (I hope) video and viola! Peace and Quiet (to the tune of Beethoven) so that I can get some work done! Yeah!!

Ignore the messy office and look at Audrey. All I saw everytime I checked on her was the back of her head as she watched this video.