Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Easter!

Huh?!?!?! Easter?!?!?!
Yes, yes, I know. I am hopelessly behind on blogging. Tears and gnashing of teeth follow me where ever I go. I get it! I'm working on it! For now, please enjoy the pictures of our church Eggstravaganza and Easter Sunday..... 2010 for those who are wondering! I'm not that far behind!
Audrey waiting in line for her age groups egg hunt to start!

The race is on!

Hey... there is something in here!

Check out the loot in the basket!

Audrey and Mommy

I love this picture!

Audrey and Daddy

definitely ready to go home!

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!

Look for more posts coming soon!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What a mess!

These pictures are way old, but better late then never in my opinion! I took these after I decided it wasn't worth fighting with Audrey over who got to feed her, me or herself. One morning I was busy and I just gave her the spoon and oatmeal and told her to figure it out. I probably should have paid a little more attention to her feeding herself then cleaning the kitchen. Enjoy the pictures of her attempts.

How she got oatmeal on the back of her head I'll never know!

I really hope she got enough to eat!

On the bright side... she feeds herself better now! Time makes everything better, and practice!