Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yesterday and Today

So I thought I had this whole morning sickness thing under control until Sunday night. Oh man! Sicker then a dog Sunday night. Monday, same thing. This morning, same thing. Oh, and add a nose bleed which I read is quite common. I think it is my prenatal vitamins I am taking. I think. I haven't had a problem before now, but 30 minutes after I take one, BAM! Hugging the toilet. I realize that might have been too much information at this point, sorry!

On a much brighter note, last night I got to hang out with my friend Maddy and her two super cute little twins! I had a lot of fun, even though I had to stay standing up to hold one or both because they apparently prefer people to stand and hold them. I agree with Maddy, How do they know the difference between sitting and standing? I know it isn't the view because their faces were buried in my shoulder or they were busy head-butting me in the nose (thank you Dylan!). Maybe that's why I had a nose bleed this morning! Just kidding...sort of.

That's all for updates. I had a good doctor appointment yesterday and I got to see baby Ziggy again on the monitor. Long story, but my doctor couldn't find the heartbeat with the Doppler thing so she wanted me to get an ultrasound to see how things were going. All is well and apparently Bryan and I have a VERY active child. My back still hurts from all the jumping that kid did to avoid the rolly thing that allows you to see inside. I wish I had a video so that people could see this baby's actions. It was so cute!

That's all for now! Oh, for those who have asked, yes Bryan and I plan to find out what the sex of baby Ziggy is. I'll keep everyone posted, but it probably won't be until March.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

D'Vine Wine

So a friend of mine has had a dream for a few years to own his own wine place. After a couple of years of setbacks and disappointments, he finally did it! His place is in Frisco right off of Preston and 121. It's a great place and I am really proud of him for not giving up on his dream! If your in the area, go in and check it out!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Here Ziggy is....

This picture was taken half way through the 11th week.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Things are going to change....

That's right! Bryan and I are in for a big change come August! We will welcome our first child somewhere in the middle of August. I know, right in the hottest part of a Texas summer! Maybe we will have a freakishly cold summer, I can hope anyway! We couldn't be more excited and nervous all at the same time. I am beginning my 12th week this week and we have had great sonograms so far. Yes, sonograms as in plural. I had experienced some complications earlier on in the pregnancy and since I have had trouble with cysts, I have already had 3 sonograms to check the progress of baby Ziggy. (Ziggy is just temporary name until we find out what we are having). I'm still experiencing some weird stuff going on in there, but I'm assuming that it is just my body trying to accommodate a human being growing. I'm also trying hard not to freak out at every little pain and cramp but it is hard! I want to call my doctor at least 3 or 4 times a day, but thankfully I don't. I want to thank everyone for all the prayers and ask for continued prayers over this pregnancy. Unfortunately I can't upload the sono picture for Ziggy right now so I will have to have Bryan try later.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Boss

A few of you know that my work has had some periods of adjustment lately. Nothing bad, I just haven't had a boss since October 2007. Some of you would say "Why are you complaining?". I'm not complaining. I'm fortunate that my old boss gave me the training I would need to carry out my job and hers in the event that she resigned or something else happened to her. At first everything was going great. Then the busy time kicked in and I started doing things I had never had to actually do (like multiple presentations to directors, board members and the president of the company). I had always helped prepare them, but I never actually had to do the presenting OR the defending of my suggestions for the company. Needless to say, things were great for October and half of November. In November things picked up and I found myself running constantly trying to do 2 peoples jobs. It got old quick. I was beginning to wonder if we would ever hire anyone, ever! I was also getting burnt out.

I can now say (with a huge smile on my face) that I have a new boss and she is wonderful. She is different from Claire (old boss) and that isn't good or bad, just different. I feel we will get along very well and she is focused on helping me continue to grow in the field of HR. We had a great conversation on her first day here and she has already given me some great things to do to learn more about HR and to become more involved with other HR professionals. I am so thankful that God directed her to this company.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy New Year...(late)

Again, I feel the need to point out that when I first started this blog I said I wouldn't post as often as I or others would probably like. It's not like I have been extremely busy or anything, I'm just running through a lazy period. I haven't felt like doing much of anything! I need a vacation. Someplace exotic, with a beach and a drink in my hand with an umbrella in it! Does anyone know if someone is giving this type of vacation away? Let me clarify... for free.

New Year's eve was very laid back for the Johnson household. I'm pretty sure I was asleep at 12:05 am. I stayed awake long enough to say Happy New Year and that was it. Man, I can remember when I was up until 2:00 or 3:00 (and later) on New Years Eve/morning. It wasn't that long ago, maybe 3 years or so. What happened?

Anyway, sorry for the lack of posts and I will try and get better. Maybe someone can send me a questionnaire thing again. I do pretty well at answering those!

Happy 2008 everyone!!