Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Family Pictures

So we finally got our pictures back from when we were in Florida. I am so excited that we did this. It was a lot of fun and we finally have a family portrait! Enjoy the pictures.

The humidity was awful. My perfectly straight hair was destroyed in all of 5 seconds

husband. wife.

how sweet!

too cute!

getting close to nap time


we had to add props to keep Audrey happy.

writing in the sand

Mommy and Audrey

yep... daddy is wrapped TIGHT around her finger

flying Audrey!

We are family!

look at all that water!

all the kids and grandkids

One big happy family!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

money well spent

So 2 months later the balloon is still afloat! Obviously it was beginning to fade in this picture, but when I turned the fan off, it would stay near the ceiling.

Here is was when I first bought it on 07/25 for Audrey's birthday!

Well worth the money!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to...........



We all wish you a Happy Birthday Grams! You mean so much to us and we are so grateful to God for making you our Mom and Grams! We'll see you Saturday!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Huge Update

Okay, so you will need to scroll down and look at all the posts I have updated. Over Labor Day Audrey and I were in 4 different states visiting family while Bryan worked on putting down tile in the laundry room. They are in no particular order, so enjoy!

Family Reunions 1 & 2

So while Audrey and I was visiting my parents, we had 2 different family reunions. On Saturday night we went to my mom's sisters house for dinner with all my cousins and their kids (my 2nd cousins?), and my aunts and uncles. My Aunt J and Uncle T had never met Audrey before and we got to meet my cousins wife and her kids. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I only got 1 picture of the cousins. My mom took a lot of other pictures though.

On Sunday, we went to my dads sister's house where my grand uncles and aunts were visiting and we had a huge lunch and a great time visiting. I took a lot of pictures there.

All in all it was great to see my family that I haven't seen in awhile. I can't wait to see them again!

At my dad's sister's house

4 generations (Nanny, Dad, me and Audrey)

Audrey tortured that poor cat. She's lucky the cat didn't attack her back!

A food-a-polooza! My Grand Aunt and Uncle from Seattle and Grand Uncle from Tennessee.

Audrey being curious as always!

The only shot I got at my mom's sister's house. All the younger cousins!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Fair

So while we were visiting my parents, their city had the fair in town. It wasn't a huge fair or anything, but it was pretty fun for all. We only stayed about an hour & a half. That's all Audrey lasted. We mainly focused on the animals and not the rides. Audrey is too small for the rides anyway. We started out in the petting zoo. Audrey wasn't a huge fan, but she tolerated the animals pretty well.


Bunny..... she wasn't a fan. I think the bunny scratched her when it tried to climb up my arm.

She didn't like the cow. That was okay, b/c the cow didn't like us either.

Two pigs fighting through the cages. I imagine the fight started b/c the pig named "Pepperoni" made fun of the pig named "Breakfast". I however laughed at their names!

A sweet little pig named Wilbur... I know, how original!

The goat that was fascinated with my dad, see the picture below.....

how sweet!

I think that's a goat....... can't really see it

Cute bunny. Patient bunny is more like it. Audrey shoved her hand in it's back and made it jump, but it came back for more.

We also saw roosters and hens, but Audrey kept trying to touch them and the roosters kept lunging for her hands. My favorite part was the horses, but for some reason we didn't take pictures of them. Anyway, that was the fair. Maybe she will like the zoo better!

Daddy's "Labor" day weekend

So while Audrey and I were away visiting Mia and Grandpa, my sweet husband was ripping up floors, tearing out doors and walls and moving heavy appliances....... all for me! Actually it was for him too, but I'm the one that uses the laundry room the most, let's be honest here.

Anyway, a few months ago our hot water heater busted and resulted in some damage to our floors. The laundry room was hit the hardest-- mainly because that is where the hot water heater is stored. So, we bought the tile two weeks ago that matches the guest bathroom and we agreed to upgrade the closet into a deep freezer closet. Huh? Let me explain. I have wanted a stand up freezer for the longest time. We don't really have much room in the garage due to my husbands tools, cabinets, etc. Also in TX, it gets hot and freezer motors tend to burn out quicker in the Texas heat-- not all, but most. So we compromised and he re-fitted the closet to accommodate my desire for a freezer. I'll post pictures of that once it is complete. So here is the fruit of my husband's labor. I didn't get before shots so you'll just have to imagine what it looked like before.

Fixed the whole in the wall that rotted when the water heater busted

Apparently the board hidden by the door frame was bowed out and he had to cut a huge chunk off.

the new floors! You can also see where the freezer will go, hopefully by the end of September, but probably the middle of October.

I almost forgot! He also painted the walls for me. The lady who lived here before had blue and pink hearts stenciled throughout the laundry room. They are now a pretty beige color, like the guest bathroom walls. I will be repainting them, but I'm not sure what color yet.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Trip

So for Labor Day weekend, I decided to pack Audrey up and head to my mom and dad's new place of residence. My dad's job transfers him alot and they are currently living in a small town in Arkansas. It was the first time for both Audrey and I to visit them in their new home. The trip still took 3 hours longer then normal, but at least Audrey was easily entertained (thank you to whoever thought up the idea to install a DVD/TV combo in vehicles!). In case you are wondering it is normally a 7 hour drive if I did not have Audrey with me. Alas, we made it safe and sound with no major hiccups. We had a great time while daddy slaved over the installation of the new laundry room floors (see earlier post). Enjoy the pictures.

hanging out with Mia in the swinging chair thing

looking for my parents dog, Abby

Audrey's handiwork. She knocked over my dad's potted plant. This is the end of clean up. I didn't think to get a picture until after my mom was almost done sweeping.

hanging out with mommy in the swinging chair thing

my dad trying to help the cow who kept getting his head stuck.

not sure what to think of the cow.

grandpa feeding audrey a snack

grandpa and audrey in the swinging chair thing (I really should learn the name of that).

Thanks for having us over Mia and Grandpa! We'll see you soon!