Wednesday, September 15, 2010


While I was visiting my parents over the summer, their town did a health/safety fair at the town center. One of the features was a helicopter that you could sit in and learn about. Audrey loved the helicopter while it was stationary and off. Once they stared the engine and propellers, she was done. Enjoy the pictures!

Loving the helicopter!

She asked if she could drive it!

Audrey and the pilot! She flirted with him like nobody's business!
There wasn't anything he could say or do that she didn't just laugh at!

Before the helicopter started up......

wait for it......

full on-set panic attack!

no longer a fan of the helicopter or the pilot!
Finally! She kind of waved after it was way up high and flying off!

Here's the rub: after we started to go back home, she cried for the helicopter! Go figure!