Friday, January 22, 2010

Picture-less update

Sorry! No pictures on this update. We haven't gotten the camera out very much. I'm actually not even sure where the camera is! Anyway, Audrey has been sick the last week. She picked up a cold either at MDO or church. Actually, it could have been anywhere, I shouldn't just point fingers at only two places! Anyway, in typical Audrey style it escalated into something a little more serious and it has taken a while to exit her system. She is doing SO much better today. Her appetite is coming back and so is her energy level. She actually slept through the whole night last night! That was a treat!
She is growing like a weed! I honestly think she gets taller everyday! We are looking forward to some warmer weather soon. She always looks out the window at the pool and says water! Bath?! Play! We didn't get in the pool much last summer so hopefully this summer we can make up for it. I think she will be much more interested in it. Either that or she will be terrified of it and we will have a repeat of last summer. Either way... she will have the cutest bathing suits!
I'll post pictures soon, hopefully!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Monkey-ing around!

A week or so ago B and I went to dinner with some friends and their twins. At the restaurant, there was a balloon artist/sculpture person. He comes over to our table and asks if the kids would like a balloon. We weren't exactly sure what he could do, so one child asks for a dog. Easy enough. We then got a little wiser and asked what all he could create. So he mentions a helicopter and that's what the other child got. So it comes time for Audrey's balloon and I see a kid leaving the restaurant with a balloon monkey. Well, that's what Audrey wanted! So I say how about a monkey. The guy looks at me and says (kind of hesitantly), okay. So he digs in his pouch for the right color balloons and doesn't have enough. He apologizes and I say that's okay, how about a pink and green monkey. I'm sure the kid thought I was joking, but I really wanted this monkey and he finally figured that out. So, after about 10 minutes, he creates 1 pink and green monkey for Audrey. The thing was almost as big as she was! She played with it for about 2 days and hasn't touched it since. He is about to be popped and disposed of.
Here are the pictures of Audrey and her monkey.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Sneak Peak

Here is a quick peak at the hardwood floors we are installing. I say we like I am actually do something other then supervising! It is all my hubby and I am so proud of all his hard work!

the first layer of wood

different view of first layer

more broad view and a look at what will go down tomorrow

It is looking better then I thought. This wood wasn't my first choice, but I really like it!